Cash Convertor Loans – £100 to £500 instantly on the sameday

At Cash Converters, we have cash solutions for all sorts of life’s little hiccups. We keep it simple, so you spend less time filling out forms and less time waiting for approval.

A person, not a computer, looks at every cash loan and personal loan application. So, you may still be able to get a loan, even if you have a bad credit history.

Apply today and join the thousands of people we help with short-term cash advance loans and personal loans every week.

  • It’s easy to apply for a cash loan online. You can use your computer, smartphone or tablet. It only takes 5 mins.
  • We do a quick check on the information you have submitted to make sure we’re lending you the right amount and it meets your needs.
  • Success! Sign your electronic Loan Contract, and we’ll transfer the money to your bank account.

How do Cash Loans work?

Cash loans are short-term financial solutions. We offer a range of flexible finance options for all kinds of purposes, and all kinds of people, even if you have a history of bad credit.

You can borrow from $50 to $2,000 and the typical term of our loans varies from 4 – 6 weeks for smaller loans and 12 months for larger loans.